QUOTEX provides you a lot of curious information from world statistics. In addition to statistics, users will be able to compare their personal data with world statistics and see how unique they are. 


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Common info

There are about 8,000,000 000 of us on the Earth and each of us is unique in own way. App provides a lot of curious information. In addition, the user will be able to answer to himself "Who am I"? To find out how many people like him live on the Earth?
The user will be able to understand that he or she is unique and this helps to solve the important problem: how increase his or her self-esteem.


Quotex lets you to know:
► Distribution of people by gender
► How many people live in cities, and how many in the countryside?
► Birth rate data by month and year
► Information on quantity a children in a families
► Cats or dogs what people like more?
► Percentage of people for each blood groups and Rh-factors
►How many people have some kind of height or weight?
► Which eye or hair color is more common?
► How many allergic people live on Earth and how many of them suffer from flat feet or myopia?
► What do people prefer to drink more coffee or tea?
► How much alcohol does a person consume?
► There are a lot other interesting statistics in App
App also allows self-testing and learning how you are uniqueness.

How does it work?

Start App. Then you can move from one section to other. Click the button mstatistic and get all the statistical information for this section. For example, clicking a button in the "General data" section provides statistics for this section.


      Fig.1 General data (Distribution birth rate by month)

Similarly, clicking on the button mstatistic in the Family section provides statistical information about families.


    Fig. 2 Quantity of children in a families

Similarly, it is possible to see what percentage of people have some kind of height.


   Fig. 3 Percentage distribution of people relative to their height

If you are not interested in statistics, simply answer the questions in each section step by step.


   Fig. 4 Questionnaire on personal data 

Your answers are compared with common world statistics and groups of people with similar parameters are determined.

In the result, you can know   that you are the only one of nearly 8 billion people on Earth who has these parameters.


   Fig.5 You are unique

Technical requirements

Android Version 6.0 for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
Adapted for tablets