Weight controller with BMI calculator provides the weight control daily, and the Body Mass Index calculator compares calculated BMI with a standard one value to help everyone to lose weight.

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Common info

Weight controller with BMI calculator is designed to track weight changes, to determine body type (asthenic, normstenic, hyperstenic) and calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) taking into account sex, age and body type. The application visualizes the weight changing and the calculated BMI in a convenient chart form, and compares the calculated BMI with the ideal and acceptable values for this parameter.


Weight tracker with BMI calculator provides you:
► Tracking of weight changing
► Body type determination of
► Estimation of Body Mass Index taking into account following parameters:
• Age
• Sex
• Weight
• Height
• Some features of body constitution
► Calculation of the your weight deviation from the normal weight according to your parameters.

How to work with BMI calculator?

Type in your age, sex, height and weight data.

    Fig.1 Input data and get Result
For a more accurate determination of the difference between the calculated BMI and an ideal one, it is advisable to specify your gender and type of physical constitution. The physical constitution can be determined quite accurately by measuring the circumference of your wrist. To do this, wrap your right wrist around by your fingers of other hand. If the thumb lies on top of the middle finger, it means that you are more likely to have an asthenic type physical constitution. If your fingers just match, it's a normal constitution, and if you can't get your fingers together, it's a hyper hypersthenic constitution.

    Fig.2 Variants of wrist wrap by fingers corresponds:
    a) asthenic type physical constitution b) normal physical constitution c) hypersthenic constitution

By click the button "detailing"  (triangle) you are seeing a detailed description of calculated BMI and the deviation of your weight from the normal.

    Fig.3 Detailed result

Additional functionality of second App version. App tracks and helps you control your weight additionally to calculation of body mass index.

  Fig.4 Activating the weight control mode.

Now you can input your weight daily just by activating the weight tracking mode.

  Fig. 5 Daily weight recording.

The weight chart shows conveniently and clear what the progress you have made in the solution of this difficult task of weight losses.

   Fig. 6 Weight change chart.

The App adapted for tablets.

    Fig.7 BMI calculator for a tablet

Technical requirements

Android Version 5.0 (code-named " Lolipop ") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.

Adapted for tablets