The weight tracker with the BMI calculator daily monitors your weight, calculates the optimal weight based on your physiological parameters, and offers to you the personal weight loss plans (weight gain) and controls their implementation. The BMI calculator calculates your current BMI Mass Index and compares it with the normative values. 

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Common info

Weight Tracker with BMI calculator is used for the daily weight monitoring. The App determines both the optimal weight and the range of weights that can be considered normal for you based on data about your sex, age and type of body. It offers you several weight loss plans (weight gain) based on your goals and the medical recommendations.
All data on weight change is conveniently and visually visualized in convenient graphical and tabular forms.
The BMI calculator helps you to calculate own Body Mass Index and find out how much it differs from the norm calculated on the basis of your physiological parameters.


A weight tracker with IMT calculator helps you:
► Keep track of daily weight changes
► Determine own optimal weight and the range of weights that can be considered normal for you, obtained with consideration:
• Age
• Sex
• Weight
• Height
• Body constitution
► Ability to set goals for changing your weight and propose several weight loss plans (weight gain)
Ensure that plans are followed up
► Determine your body type
► Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)
► Compare your BMI with the normative values derived from your physiological parameters
Daily data about your weight are visualized in graphical and tabular forms.

How does it work?

First step.
You have input your height and weight.


     Fig.1 Input weight and height

The second step is to clarify own physiological parameters.
You have to enter own additional parameters, such as: sex, age and type of body to determine more accurately own optimal weight and the range of weights that can be considered normal for you. You can do without this, but in this case the optimal weight and range of normal weights will be calculated with errors.
Your body type determination is based on the fact how your fingers are able to wrap around your wrist. If your thumb lies on top of your middle finger, your body is characterized as asthenic. If the fingers just come together, it's normal constitution, and if you can't get your fingers together, it's a hypersthenic constitution.


    Fig. 2 Enter the additional parameters and determine own optimal weight and range of weights that can be considered as normal for you

The third step is to set own targets (your desired weight).


    Fig.3 Setting target values of weight

The App calculates the three weight loss plans (weight gain) based on medical recommendations and suggest you choose one of them.


   Fig. 4 Selection of slimming plan (weight gain)

Now all you have to put only your weight in this App regularly, preferably at the one time and in the same conditions.


     Fig.5 Daily input of own weight

The weight data that you enter is recorded and stored in the App database. You can always see on a chart or table how these weights are changed.


     Fig 6 Chart of weight changing (dashed line is planned weight change according to the weight loss plan chosen by you)


      Fig.7 Tabular presentation of weight changes

You can always calculate your Body Mass Index by entering your data.


       Fig.8 BMI calculator

Technical requirements

Android Version 6.0 for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
Adapted for tablets