QuiVentur PRO lets to know the gender of your future baby and determines some temporal periods which will be the best for the wishful conception.



Common info

QuiVentur is based on an old time proved theory: renewal blood periods are different for male and female and more young blood at the moment of
conception determines the baby gender.

There are some anomalies which can be explained by the reasons of human complexity or outside impacts, for example, a surgical treatment, serious blood
hemorrhage and etc. but in any case the statistics always is on QuiVentur side. Although in any case exceptions are possible and result of prediction cannot be

If you don't entrust to QuiVentur, try it on yourself or your friends.

Enter your birthday date and birth dates of your parents and compare the gender result received with the reality. Extend this experiment to your friends. This investigation will not only useful but fun also.
If the result of this experiment satisfies you, try to plan your own family. QuiVentur can help to know the gender of future baby when you will plan it only..

Advantages of PRO version

PRO version lets to know not only the future baby gender or probability wishful baby gender conception for closest 3 months but do it for any temporal

How to work with QuiVentur?

How to check QuiVentur on yourself?
Type in the birth date in left top input line, the conception date will be visualized automatically in right window. If you know the conception date exactly, you have to correct this date. It's important, because gender determination depends on this data.
Then do similar actions with your parents. Click on the button "Do it" and you will see your calculated gender and the probability proposed by QuiVentur.
The button "Add info" helps to explain some reasons of the probability decrease.

How to know the gender of future own baby?
Enter mother's and father's birth dates and then manually enter planned conception date for your future baby. One click on the button "Do it" will calculate your
baby gender and the probability of this event.

Pic. 1 The result of predication

One click on "Settings" sets interesting to you time interval. Also, it's here where you can set for yourself or your partner Rh factor of blood and the last dates when the process of normal cyclic renewal blood was broken, for example, a surgical treatment or serious blood hemorrhage and etc.

Pic. 2. Input a date when the the process of normal cyclic renewal blood was broken

One click on the button "Diagram" will build the temporal diagrams which will illustrate the probabilistic conception function just as for male so female baby gender also for nearest 3 months..

Pic. 3 Visualisation of temporal probability function for conception a boy and a girl

There is possibility to do the forecast of the wishful baby gender for closest 3 months. One click on the button "Forecast" lets to determine time intervals within 3 months favorable for wishful conception.

Pic. 4 Determination periods for conception of a baby wishful gender

You can predict baby gender used two methods: one is based on the theory blood renewal, the other uses "Japan calendar".

Pic 5. The result of predication by the alternative prediction method

Technical requirements

Android Version 2.3.2 (code-named "Gingerbread") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
Adapted for tablets.