QUIS uses the parents genetic characteristics to create a probabilistic portrait of your child. 

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Common info

QUIS is a Latin word which translated as “Who?”.
How will be looking our future baby? - is eternal question for many parents in the world. They are wondering how your child will look like mom or dad, or maybe it will look like grandmother or grandfather. What your future baby will inherit from them?
QUIS uses the genetic characteristics of parents to create a probabilistic portrait of your child and answer to this question.
QUIS predicts height, color eyes and hair and estimates potential intellectual level and even some character traits of your child.


QUIS provides:
   Genetic analysis by taking into account dominant and recessive genes of parents
   Child’s probabilistic characteristics  such as:
·        Height 
·        Colour of eyes 
·       Colour and type of hair
·        Face and body features  
·        Rh factor and blood group
·       Potential intellectual level

How to work with QUIS?

User has to set the parents characteristics and sometimes the grandmother's and grandfather's characteristics also to create a probabilistic portrait of their child. QUIS calculates this probabilistic portrait on the basis inputted data and genetics. The portrait of a child will consist from the look and character traits including child's potential intellectual level.
The work with QUIS may start with inputting parent's heights and then the App will calculate a probabilistic height for a son and a daughter.


     Fig.1 Input data                                                          Fig.2 Child’s probabilistic height

 Next, user inputs the parents eyes color, one click by green button and QUIS calculates the probability of a particular eye color for the child. Sometimes for similar calculations it will be needed to input grandmother's and grandfather's eyes color.


    Fig.3 Input data                                               Fig.4 Probabilistic color of child's eyes

The calculation process of the probability of hair color and type will be similar.


    Fig.6 Input data                                           Fig.7 Child's hair probabilistic type and color

All that was written above is curiosity without practice base but the intellect inheriting has a practice value. User has to indicate intellectual level of parents and QUIS calculates the potential intellectual level for the child. It may be very important for education in the future.


   Fig.7 Probabilistic intellectual child's level

User has to know the probability of certain parents features inheritance.


  Fig.8 Probabilistic inheritance of certain features for the child

Generalized portrait of your child visualized for a son and a daughter on the separate window.


   Fig.9 Son's "Portrait"                          Fig.10 Daughter's "Portrait"

 QUIS adapted for tablets. Unlike phone this App for tablets has two windows, the left window to display the total child's data and the right window to input characteristics of parents.


    Fig.11 QUIS for a tablet

Technical requirements

Android Version 3.0 (code-named " Honeycomb ") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
Adapted for tablets