Apps converts easily memorable words and phrases to hard crackable pseudorandom passwords.

Offers paid and free version.

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Common info

Many investigations demonstrated that so many users of Internet services use as a password such words as: «Secret», «Password», own name, birthday and birthplace and etc.
What is the reason of this?
Answer is very easy. It's easily for remembering.
But in other hand similar passwords are easy to guess and Internet services thinking about your security toughen the password policy.

If you visited site, you could easy to know: how many time is needed for cracking of your password. Passwords listed above can be cracked instantly.

Now normal password with needed strength have to be:
- Long;
- Doesn't include duplicate characters;
- Use as uppercase as lowercase characters;
- Use figures and symbols, not only letters;
- Password has to be a random sequence.
Sometimes can be requirement: password has to consist not only Latin letters.

Ok. You will have generated the password in accordance with requirements listed above.
And now try to memorize it.
This task is becoming more complex if you will have to remember a several passwords. Of course, you can write it down or store electronically these passwords, but it reduces security.
Do you remember what has done Neville Longbottom in novel about Harry Potter "The Prisoner of Azkaban"? He lost paper sheet with written passwords. Are you sure that you will have not done similar?
It's dilemma. How to generate strong password which will be easy to remember.
PassGen easy solves this dilemma. You will receive possibility to use a words (or phrases) which are easy to recall and PassGen will modify it to hard crackable passwords.

For example, PRO version PassGen generated from simple code word "Michael" unique password ID85TMBm4e (it can be cracked for 6 years only!!!), as for "Michael" which is easy to memorize it will be cracked instantly. Unique password means that PassGen will generate this password if you knew
codeword and initial settings (the phone number entered in first launch).


1. Generation passwords from easily memorable words and phrases.

2. Generating pseudorandom passwords which can be characterized as a strong password.

Fig. 1 Strong password is generated from simple word "Michael"

3. Generation password "on fly"; Pass Generator does not keep password anywhere.

4. Copy-paste support by special application button for easy input of resulting passwords to needed field of Internet services.

5. Pop-up window with generated password. You always can see result of password generation. 

Fig. 2 Password is visualized in an upper window over other apps and will prompt

6. Application transferability from one device to another.

Advantages of paid version

1. Passwords are generated with length from 4 till 20 characters (length of password in free version is constantly and equal 6 characters).
2. Password parameters control in settings. Created password can:·
  • include only Latin letters or letters
  • from others alphabets;·
  • include numeral or not;·
  • include duplicate letters or not;·
  • include as lowercase as uppercase letters.
Free version has not setup and default requirements to password are following: length 6 symbols, Latin letters just as uppercase, so lowercase
and numerals, all characters without duplicates.

How to work with PassGen?

1. Install PassGen.

2. Enter a phone number during initial setup (first launch of PassGen). This number can be the number of your phone or any other but you have to
remember it. This number is important setup parameters. It will be used in the procedure of password generation and will be needed for individualization and transferability of your PassGen. Individualization and transferability will be necessary for fulfillment condition: one word MUST generate only one password in any time and any place for you.
Hereafter phone number will be not requested and you will not change it..

3. After initial setup procedure you can start work. Type any word (or phrase), click button "Do it" and PassGen will create strong password(s)..

4. Generated passwords can be copied and pasted in needed field of Internet services.

5. PassGen can work as alert app. It's important and convenient in the case when field of Internet service doesn't support paste mode. Password is
visualized in window upper other apps and prompts what have to be typed in the necessary field.

6.  Requirements to password could be changed in "Settings" (only in paid version).

Technical requirements

  1. Android compatibility Version 2.3.2 (code-named "Gingerbread") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
  2. A tablet and a smartphone adapted.