Seguridad to password manage and critical data storage. 


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Common info

Whoever got tired or afraid to keep countless passwords, logins and other data on many paper shreds but cannot memorize it has to try Seguridad. Seguridad translate from Spanish as "Security".
The App generates strong, customized passwords and stores them. Passwords, logins, PINs, bank accounts, credit cards info and more shared to dozen categories keep in digital vault. The one thing to memorize is the Master password to provide authorized access to App.
Another way is using fingerprint if it's permitted for user gadget .
All storage data are cyphered by an original high level end-to-end encryption and synced with "a cloud".


► One master password provides authorized access to whole App functionality
► Technology fingerprint to provide fast access to the App
► The App generates unlimited customized password list which are random sequences of Latin letters both lowercase and uppercase, numerals and symbols without duplication
► Seguridad stores in the digital vault
    ● Logins
    ● Passwords
    ● Numbers of bank accounts
    ● Credit Cards info
    ● Bank and Internet accounts data
    ● Any secret entries
► Clear distributions by user folders for data storage
► Effective search mechanism to find needed info
► Critical and personal data cipher on the base of the original encryption algorithm
► "End-to-end" encryption
► Cipher backup data file in the gadget
► Secret data syncs with a « cloud»
► All data in a «cloud» are encrypted

How it is work?

First step.
User has to input a master password or code word which will be needed to the App access and to encrypt App data stored. If user gadget supports fingerprint, user can set fingerprint access in "Settings" of Seguridad. The other recommendation is switch on data to sync with "cloud". The last gives to user the possibility to save critical data when user gadget was broken or lost. Also it provides to user the access to secret data from the other user gadget.


      Fig.1 Input of master password

Data input
Next step will be data input what user would like to save as confidential. User has to click button  h Input data  and select a folder for data storage


    Fig. 2 Selection of a folder for data storage

When folder was selected user has to fill database fields. There are many different forms for data input in different folders. For example, data fields accompany credit card are differed from the data fields in the "Social media". In the first case it is bank card's number, expiry date, CVV and PIN all of them were determined by a bank, in the second case - login and password have to invent by user himself.


      Fig.3 Data input of bank card                              Fig. 4 Login and password input in" Social media" folder

User has to click button  generation password  to customize some requirements to generate strong passwords.


      Fig.5 Customized password

There is "Favorite" in App for additional user convenience to provide fast access to frequently used data.

All data at the gadget and at the "clouds"(Google Drive) are encrypted. If user wants to keep data at the "cloud", such user has to have Google account and set syncs mode in the "Settings".

Work with data
So, preliminary work is finished, user has inputted main part of confidential data.

How to work with Seguridad?
By click button  h All   full list of entries will be visualized. By click button   h search  the entries of correspondence folder will be visualized. The search procedure can be applied to find to a single entry by title. "Favorite" helps to get fast access by frequently used data.


  Fig 6 Full list of entries                         Fig 7 Entries in selected folder ("Social media")

Technical requirements

Android Version 3.0 (code-named " Honeycomb ") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
Adapted for tablets.