CallsOrganizer stores whole history of your phone calls. 

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Common info

Sometimes you have to face the situation when you need to find the source information about some important call, but it will be impossible because the standard phone log stores information only a month. There is another problem- you need to find certain calls and in this case you will be forced to simply scan all calls log.
CallsOrganizer will help to solve these problems, providing possibility the storage of calls history in any time range and search of calls through the effective search engine.


CallsOrganizer provides:

  Storage of all calls history
  To set storage time for calls history
  Possibility to search a call by
         ·         Name
         ·         Phone number
         ·         Type
         ·         Country
         ·         Date and duration of phone conversations
  To mark important calls
  To add the call description
  Direct call from CallsOrganizer
  Integration with the Contacts

How to work with CallaOrginizer?

First step of work with CallsOrganizer will setting time range of calls log storage.


      Pic. 1

The needed call can be found by
1) Creation of list the outgoing or incoming or missed calls and scan of this list.


   Pic. 2

2) Usage of search filter.


  Pic. 3

Technical requirements

Android Version 3.0 (code-named " Honeycomb ") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.

Adapted for tablets