Immuto helps you to convert unknown or unusual units of measurement to usual values.

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Everybody has troubles when see unusual units, for an American it can be the meter and for ex. temperature in degrees of Centigrade, in the other hand for a Russian it will be the foot or the temperature in degree of Fahrenheit. Sizes of gloves, clothes or shoes in different countries aren’t clear too. All these problems are especially important who likes to travel.

When you stay near at historical monuments do you regularly hear the question like that:  “When this monument was established?”, although this date was written on the monument epigraph in Roman numerals. Immuto easily converts Roman numerals to usual simple figures and so, this question for you will be non-actual.

If you think that “ABC” means “the alphabet” only, you make a mistake, it can be hexadecimal figure equal 2748. So, if you want to liberalize your world, this app is your app!  

You can send request to us about wishful converter and we will try to satisfy your request.


Converters are divided to good understandable groups. There is the possibility of direct access to any converter through group “All converters”.  


       Fig. 1 Direct access to all converters

   Provides the converting between many units of different measurement systems (Metric and  Imperial)


      Fig. 2 Length converter

Length converter (miles, feet, inches etc. to meters …)

Area converter

Weight converter (pounds, ounces etc. to grams. )

Volume converter (gallons, pints etc. to liter….)

Pressure converter

Speed converter

Fuel rate converter

   Temperature converter (converting of Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees)

 ►   The converter between Arabian and Roman numerals helps you to read historical epigraph on monuments


       Fig. 3 Convert Roman to Arabian numerals and vice versa

 ►   The converter for other numeral scales (binary, hexadecimal notation)

   Compares and converts USA, Europe, British and Russian sizes of clothes, lingerie, shoes, socks, hats and gloves


       Fig.4 Compare sizes of shoes in different countries

 ►   Useful converters for jewelry items


        Fig.5 Dependence between weight of a brilliant and size

Technical requirements

Android Version 3.0 (code-named " Honeycomb ") for all devices phones/tablets and higher.

Adapted for tablets