Mobitico announced issuing of the first application for Android. It's application for password generation.

PassGen is small convenient app for solving actual task how to create strong passwords and simultaneously have no problem how to memorize them.

Traditional method supposes to save passwords after generation in special data base. However this method has a serious problem: all your passwords will be discredited if somebody has access to the data base. You will have risk to lose all. It isn't fantastic case; media regularly have published news about similar cases. The best way is following: Don't save this data on any carrier.

OK, but how to memorize these passwords?

Main PassGen idea is based on simple philosophy: critically important and memorable code words (or phrases) user keeps on mind, but PassGen converts these words (or phrases) to hard crackable passwords.

Work with PassGen is convenient and easy. User has to set specific initial parameter during first launch. This parameter is needed for providing transferability and individualization a user. This parameter will not be requested hereafter by working with PassGen.

After that a user can start to work, typing in any memorable word (or phrase), to click button "do it" and as a result of it, a password will be generated. This password can be copied and pasted in necessary field of requested Internet service. Now it's enough to memorize simple word (or phrase) and to link them with requested Internet services.

If paste mode is disabled, alert functionality of PassGen can be useful as a prompt.