Mobitico begins distribution of the PRO version messenger with encryption functionality.

The PRO version, as earlier issued Latebra Light, is fully-featured general E-mail and SMS messenger with encryption functionality. User can do directly in this app all actions, such as: typing, encrypting, sending, receiving, decrypting and reading with messages all types.

The PRO Version as free version organizes own closed community or "circle of trust" where members can exchange by messages and don't think that anybody will read their correspondence.

The PRO version differed from previous that your addressee can read only predestinated messages. It's provided by following functionalities:

1) generation crypto-key array,

2) distribution these crypto-keys to addressees,

3) assigning to each addressee a personal crypto-key,

4) using this personal crypto-key for encryption/decryption correspondence with this addressee only.

Additional option of the PRO version is possibility to encrypt of any contact information hat save it from unauthorized access if you mobile devise was in third hands even.