Mobitico issues the second version of QuiVentur, a free App for gender prediction on the planning stage of childbearing.

First version of QuiVentur as distinct from QuiVentur PRO predicted baby gender for particular date only. The couple had to enter planning baby conception date step by step if the couple would like to concept the baby with wishful gender. It was inconvenient.

In new version enough to click on icon "Graph" and graphics of temporary probabilities boy and girl conceptions for nearest 3 months will be shown.

The new version takes in account Rh factor of blood and outside impacts, for example, a surgical treatment or serious blood hemorrhage and etc. Except forecast method basing on blood renewal the new version offers alternative «Japan Table» method.

PRO version differs from free version in possibility to predict future baby gender not only for the nearest 3 months but for any temporary period and determines
temporary intervals when probability of wishful gender baby conception is maximal.