Mobitico issues the third version of QuiVentur, the App can predict baby gender on the moment of conception.

The new version differs from the earlier issued by the serious modification of interface solutions. New version developed in the conception of "material design" considered now as the most effective and easier understandable design.

A customer just has to input parent birthdays data and to plan a conception date (Rh factor of blood will be useful also). The baby gender will be predicted after by one click for this date. The prediction result by other methodic will be calculated by another click.
A pessimist can check the prediction accuracy on him(her)self and compare this prediction with factual data. Interactive dialog helps to precise the result explains the reasons of this error.
In-App procedure intends for customers, who would like to extend functionality of QuiVentur.
First of all, the accuracy of the gender prediction can be increased by taking into account outside impacts for example, a surgical treatments or serious blood hemorrhages and etc.
Second, it is scalable charts of temporal probability of a boy or a girl conception.
Finally it is the determination of several temporal intervals when the probability of wishful gender baby conception is higher than preliminary given level.