Mobitico issued the second version of Apps (LatebraPRO and Latebra) to protect contact data and encrypt SMS and email messages.

Latebra and LatebraPRO are developed in Material Design Style corresponding to all modern views of Android application development.
The new versions of Latebra have many new functionality except new design:
 •   Encryption of contact data to protect their from an unauthorized access even if your phone (or tablet) was stolen;
 •   Editing of contact data directly in "Address book" ;
 •   Merging of contact data duplicates; 
 •   Possibility to use of individual crypto-key for encryption/decryption correspondence with each correspondent;
 •   Effective mechanizm crypto-key generation and distribution.
Interaction of new Latebra versions with email accounts is optimized to accelerate messages treatment. The processes of crypto-keys generation were changed also. Now crypto-keys can be generated and effectively distributed directly from App "Address Book".