Mobitico issued the French localization of QuiVentur App to predict a baby gender on the planning stage of childbearing.  

Mobitico issues the new App which uses original cryptographic algorithms of "end-to end encryption" to provide the confidential communication. SMS encryptor is a complete SMS client integrated with "Contacts" and supported the encryption/decryption functionalities.  

Pregnancy Calendar was added to second version of new App MC Calendar. It tracks physiological cycles helps to control pregnancy and timely warn concerning abnormal process.

Mobitico issued the second version of Apps (LatebraPRO and Latebra) to protect contact data and encrypt SMS and email messages.

Mobitico issued  new App: MC Calendar or woman's calendar. This App tracks physiological cycles, provides comfort for any woman and helps her in childbearing planning.

Mobitico issues the third version of QuiVentur, the App can predict baby gender on the moment of conception.