Our motto: Mobilize mobility

Mission: To provide convenient mobile solutions which can be useful just as for daily needs so for complex tasks.

Overview. Mobitico is the startup company founded by the professionals who previously worked in well-known international and Russian companies (Intel, Paragraph, PROMT, etc.).

The business of Mobitico is software engineering for Android mobiles devices. Now the efforts of the company concentrate in several directions:
1) Apps provides communication confidentiality and securely storing data on the base of own original encryption algorithms which were created by using competences staff in linguistic and software engineering
2) Apps track consumed calories, physical activities, weight to help everyone live a healthy life
3) Special Apps for woman to track and control own physiological cycles, baby conceiving, childbearing and process pregnancy
4) Apps analyzes the parents genetic characteristics to create a probabilistic child portrait
In nearest company plans to issue wide list of applications which will help in everyday life both at home and in travel also.

The company has competences in customized software engineering also.