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Our motto:

Mobilize mobility

Mission:  To provide convenient mobile solutions which can be useful for daily needs and helpful in solution of complex tasks.

 Overview. Mobitico is the startup of the professionals who previously worked in well-known international and Russian companies (Intel, Paragraph, PROMT, etc.). Main business of Mobitico in present time is software engineering for different types of the applications for Android mobiles devices.

Mobitico has competences in customized software engineering also.

The development of a wide class Android Apps is the core business for Mobitico.
At the moment, main efforts are focused on software engenering that enable confidential communication and secure storage of various kinds of data.
Mobitico on the base own knowlege and experiance in linguistics and computer science, developed the unique algorithms for encryption to ensure both confidentiality of correspondence and secure data storage.
In addition to the development of cryptographic Apps, Mobitico is designing a wide range of Apps to track a person’s caloric intake, physical activity, dietary patterns. This Apps help everybody ensure a healthy lifestyle.
Mobitico also develops special Apps to monitorand control women’s physiological cycles. These Apps can help any woman and teens to have fewer life problems during her “critical days” and to get pregnant or avoid unwanted pregnancies. In case of pregnancy the App will help to control this process and always warn in case of deviations from the normal course of pregnancy.
New activity for Mobitico became the designing Apps, allowing to predict the gender of the future child and the probable “portrait” (appearance, character traits, physiological characteristics, intellectual and emotional level) of the future child on the basis of genetic characteristics, both of parents and grandparents of the future child.
In addition, Mobitico develops various utilities to facilitate the use of mobile devices, as well as solving a variety of problems that arise during travel.