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Common legal information

  1. General provisions
    • Web-sites of Mobitico (Mobitico, Ltd.) under the names, and others contains material that includes or may include: texts, photos, images, video, audio, software and data base. You understand and agree that these materials (Contents), as well as used on the web-sites Trade Marks are or may be objects of intellectual property rights (IPR), which are protected and belong to Mobitico or were received by Mobitico from legal owners.
    • By visiting web-sites of Mobitico or using in one way or another this Contents and/or services available on the web-sites, you agree with the conditions of usage this Contents and/or services specified below except cases when the other conditions of use allowed you by Mobitico expressly, in accordance with the condition of a separate agreement drawn up in written form and certified by stamp and signature of the authorized representative.
    • If any condition specified below will be deemed as invalid or void by a court of competent jurisdiction, such court decision should not affect the legality and validity of any other conditions specified below.
    • You acknowledge that by accepting these conditions you were not basing on the promises, stimulus, views or notions of Mobitico which are not obviously formulated here.
  2. Restrictions on use of Contents
    • Contents
      • You may not sell, distribute, lend, loan, make changes or create secondary works based on Contents hosted on the web-sites of Mobitico except cases when such actions are right permitted to you by legal owner in accordance with separate agreement drawn up in written form and certified by stamp and signature of the authorized representative.
      • You have no rights to use Contents and/or software placed on the web- sites for which Mobitico has set the age limit on use, if you have not reached the age of limitation.
    • Trade marks
      • Web-sites of Mobitico uses or can be used a variety of trade marks as registered as unregistered. They are all objects of intellectual property rights and are presented solely for your information and use of Content does not grant you any rights in their use.
    • Software.
      • Any software placing on web-sites of Mobitico and/or distributing by Mobitico is object of Intellectual Property Rights and may be used on the conditions of the End User License Agreement exclusively.
      • You guarantee Mobitico that you will use this software solely in accordance with conditions of the End User License Agreement.
  1. Limited warranty.
    • Contents
      • Contents on the web-sites of Mobitico are provided “as is”.
      • Mobitico did not investigate reliability, as well as the suitability of the Contents to your objectives and disclaims responsibility for it.
      • Mobitico disclaims any liability for damages arising from the use or inability to use the Contents, regardless was informed Mobitico concerning these damages or not.
      • Mobitico disclaim any responsibility for the fact that you will have deemed Contents rude and/or abusive and/or unworthy and/or obscene. You use any Contents at your own risk.
      • Mobitico reserves the rights to modify and exclude Contents how fully so partially, without any notification.
    • Hyperlinks
      • Web-sites of Mobitico have hyperlinks to web-sites owned by third parties but solely for your convenience; Mobitico doesn’t advertise or promote these web-sites and/or goods and/or services offered on these web-sites unless other was specifically stipulated on the web-sites of Mobitico.
      • In no way Mobitico does not control the functionality of the web-sites that have hyperlinks with the web-sites of Mobitico and/or their Contents and/or their conformity to your requirements, expectations or requirements of international and/or Russian legislation.
      • Mobitico makes no warranties concerning the above-mentioned web-sites and expressly disclaims compensations of any damages and losses arising both from these web-sites and from the inability to use them.
  1. Special Conditions
    • Rules of the information’s placement on the web-sites of Mobitico by users
      • Mobitico does not guarantee the confidentiality of the information you place on the web-sites of Mobitico and consider this information as public, reserving the right to copy, citation and otherwise use even if you define this information as confidential.
      • For your part you guarantee to Mobitico that placing information does not violate international or Russian legislation and assume full responsibility for the content of posted information.
      • Mobitico reserves the right but does not guarantee look, modify, edit and remove your information fully or partially without any notification.
    • Access to restricted nonpublic Contents
      • Mobitico reserves the right to require you to provide personal information about yourself for access to restricted sections of the web-sites and without the provision of such information you will be denied access to these sections.
      • You guarantee Mobitico that:
        • Your personal information is truthful
        • You will not attempt to gain access to restricted sections of the web-site and/or services by other methods than proposed Mobitico
        • You will not engage in any activity preventing access to the Contents in restricted sections or services.
        • You will use Contents in restricted sections and/or services solely in accordance with purposes determined by Mobitico.
      • Passwords and Logins.
        • Mobitico may give you access to special personal sections of the web-sites, your access to this section will be provided by using login and password that were installed by you.
        • Mobitico assumes no responsibility for privacy and keeping your login and password providing your access to your personal section; solely you are responsible for their safety.
        • Mobitico disclaims any liability in the event of unauthorized access to your personal section of the web-site that has caused your damages and losses. If you become aware about unauthorized access to your personal section, you must immediately notify Mobitico.
  1. Legislation of others countries

Mobitico does not guarantee that Contents or the rules for the access to Contents comply with the legislation of any country so if you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, using materials and/or services to web-sites of Mobitico, you accept full responsibility of this using.