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License policy

This application for any type of mobile devices (Application) is granted to you for the agreed fee or free of charge on terms of this End-User License Agreement (further EULA) and is NOT SOLD TO YOU OR NOR TRANSFERED TO YOUR OWNERSHIP. You have no rights, except agreed in the present EULA, for the intellectual property contained in the Application.


  1. General Provisions
    • This EULA is the mandatory legal agreement between you, as the End User, and Mobitico.
    • The Application is the set containing the Software and Contents including: text, photos, video, images, music, audio and etc. The Application also includes all updates and add-ons, which, unless specified by a separate license agreement, can be granted to you directly by Mobitico.
    • By installing, copying, downloading, activating or otherwise using the Application, you agree to be bound by the terms of the present EULA which will be concluded and in force from this moment. If you do not accept conditions of this EULA, do not install, copy, download, activate or use this Application.
    • The validity period of this EULA is unlimited except cases specified in item 4.5.
    • Mobitico has the full authority to terminate this EULA without impairment of its rights in case of any breach of this Agreement while using this Application.
    • You have the right to terminate the EULA on your own initiative at any time.
    • When terminating the EULA, you are bound to stop any use of the Application and destroy all your copies and the components by means not allowing its further use.
  2. Subject of the EULA.
    • The subject of the present EULA is transfer of rights for use of the Application by Mobitico to you as the End User.
    • All the terms stipulated below concern both the Application in the whole and all its components, such as Software and Content.
    • All the rights, not granted to you explicitly by this EULA will be reserved for Mobitico and others legal owners.
    • The present EULA does not provide you with any rights for trademarks or service marks of the Mobitico or other legal owners.
  3. Exclusive Copyright.
    • Mobitico is owner of exclusive rights on Software. Owners of exclusive rights on Contents can be Mobitico or other legal owners which are licensed the Contents to Mobitico. The Application is protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws and treaties.
    • Any use of the Application in defiance of the present EULA is prohibited and considered to be a material breach of EULA, which is a reason for extinction of your rights for the Application and Mobitico has the authority to ask for payment of damages, including loss of profit.
  4. Terms of Application Use.
    • Rights to use the Application grants to you in private and non-commercial aims only.
    • Any kind of the Application distribution is prohibited. The distribution is herein understood as providing any unauthorized person with access to the Application or the Application components reproduced in any form or the Application selling, temporary using, renting, pledging, hiring, or lending. You shall not transfer the EULA or any rights for use this Application to any third party.
    • You are not allowed, unless such operations are explicitly stipulated by the current legislation, to do following acts:
      • to unlock the technology or to decompile the Software,
      • to make any changes in the object codes of the Software
      • to disassemble source code of the Software of the Application
      • to make any changes in the Contents unless such operations are provided by the Software;
      • to use the Application for malicious or indecent purposes;
      • to accomplish concerning the Application the actions forbidding Russian and international copyright legislation.
    • The Application identified as «Trial» and «Try&Buy» may only be used for the purposes of test or evaluation irrespective of the other terms of the present EULA and you agree that these versions of the Application can have the limited functionality and/or operating time (trial period). The Application that has the limited operating time may stop operation after a trial period.
    • If the full-function version of the Application has not been purchased and/or if the «Try&Buy» version of the Application has not been activated in accordance with the rules specified on the web-sites of Mobitico  , the present EULA is discontinued after the end of the trial period.
    • You agree that the Application can have special tools preventing from non-authorized usage and also include advertising materials.
  5. Limited Warranty.
    • This Limited Warranty is the only explicit warranty, replacing any other guarantees. No other agreement, written or oral, may broaden the limits of this Warranty.
    • Mobitico does not guarantee the shared operation of this Application and third party software and any mobile devices, especially the software and mobile devices  released later than the Application. The technical requirements for Application determined on the web-sites of Mobitico..
    • Mobitico does not guarantee that these errors or defects will be corrected. The Application is supplied “as is”.
    • Mobitico provides no guarantee, explicit or implicit, that the Application shall meet the End-User requirements or expectations.
    • Mobitico does not guarantee that Contents licensed from other owners does not breach rights third parties and/or does not consist information which will be specified as rude or impolite or vulgarly or obscene or defamatory.
    • You are fully responsible for choosing, installing, use and results of use of this Application and in this meaning you will use the Application on own risk.
    • Neither Mobitico nor other third parties shall be liable for any direct or indirect losses, including loss of profit, loss of the confidential information resulting from the use or the impossibility of use of this Application.
    • Mobitico may request the transfer of your account registration data in Google or another mail service to the Application, but solely for the purpose of insuring the functionality of the Application, and Mobitico will exert reasonable efforts to provide the confidentiality of this data. However Mobitico disclaims all warranties of this data confidentiality. If you do not accept this condition, do not transfer the registration data to the Application.
    • Mobitico may provide Technical support which is provided according to the terms stipulated by Mobitico at the web-sites of Mobitico.
  6. Applicable Law.
    • The present EULA is subject of application of the Russian Federation law currently in force, and the location of the court proceedings is determined as the city of Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation).
    • The present EULA is not the subject of any conflict rules or UN conventions regulating the obligations which are incidental to the international agreements of sale and purchase.
    • If any condition specified in the will be deemed as invalid or void by a court of competent jurisdiction, such court decision should not affect the legality and validity of any other conditions of present EULA.