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SMS encryptor

SMS encryptor 1.3

SMS is popular method of communication, but there is one serious problem– how to keep privacy of this communication?

SMS encryptor provides a user unique SMS client with wide encryption/decryption functionality to solve this problem.

You can download this App here:

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SMS encryptor, as earlier issued Latebra, encrypts and decrypts SMS/MMS by own original cipher algorithm. This algorithm is unknown in the world and hence it is not target of main hacker groups.

The encrypted procedure of SMS encryptor can be classified as end-to end encryption (all processes of crypto key generation and decryption perform on user’s gadgets).

  1. Install SMS encryptor.
  2. Launch of SMS encryptor call main window to visualize all received SMS.

Fig. 1 Main window of SMS encryptor

3. If you click on any selected SMS, the window with chain of sent and received SMS with the address of this selected SMS will be shown. The selected SMS will be decrypted and shown below also

Fig. 2 The chain of sent and received SMS

4. Click “Golden key” on the upper menu calls a dialog to generate and assign the crypto-key to the given addressee. This crypto-key will be assigned to sender when SMS will be opened by addressee.

We recommend delete the SMS with crypto-key after it will be opened and the key will be assigned at once.

Fig. 3 Generation of crypto-key

5. Click “New” in main window to call dialog where you can select an address by using suggestions in address input line and by typing the SMS text. After you can encrypt and send this SMS in one click.

Fig. 4 Preparation new SMS

6. Click “New” in window with SMS chain to respond on the received SMS.

  1. End-to end encryption.
  2. The original guaranteed cipher algorithm using long length crypto-keys.
  3. Effective and easy mechanism of crypto-keys distribution.
  4. The encryption/decryption of SMS/MMS
  5. Each correspondent has own unique crypto key which assigned to him only.
  6. The unified SMS client provides: viewing, deleting, creating, editing and encryption/decryption SMS with automatic choice of crypto-key.
  8. “Contacts” integrated with SMS encryptor.

Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) for all devices phones/tablets and higher.

Adapted for tablets