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ImViv 1.131

ImViv is the fun portrait and face clip designer  to create in a few clicks a gallery of entertaining images. You can add accessories from the large list to simply diversify the created portraits. All these images will be able to come to life at your will.

You can download this App here: 

You can draw portraits in ImViv in a few clicks, simply by choosing the shape and color of the eyes and the lips, the shape of the head, the ears and noses, the type of hairstyle, and adding a variety of accessories from the large list.

Want to know what created face would look like with a beard or a glasses, or with makeup? ImViv knows how to do that too. If you want ageing this face, ImViv can do it for one click also.

All these images can come to life as you wish, they will be happy or sad, angry or surprised.

Want to communicate but don’t want to write boring letters? Create own unique mime avatar in ImViv, add emotions and original movements to it and send it!

Need to congratulate on a Holiday or an event? Create an original animated greeting card!

Making a fun animation clip to wow your friends is no problem either if you are using ImViv.

  • Portrait Designer
  • Face aging in one click
  • Large collection of accessories
  • Ability to diversify the face makeup, beard and more
  • Create an animated image
  • Clip Editor

Create a portrait by simply choosing the shape and color of eyes and lips, the shape of head, ears and nose, and the type of hairstyle. It is enough, to select the desired element, for example, the color of the skin and click on the selected item, then the face will have that color. After that you can go to the choice of shape, clicking on the appropriate element will mean that the head will have the selected shape.

Fig.1 Creating a portrait

This way, the element by the element, you can create a full portrait image. The elements that were used in creating the portrait will be highlighted.

The created portrait can be complemented by such features as, for example, a beard and a mustache or furnished with different accessories.

Fig. 2 Portrait, supplemented with accessories and additional elements

The created face can be aged in one click.

Fig. 3 Ageing face

When creating a portrait of a woman, in addition to complementing it with accessories, you can add a variety of makeup.

Fig.4 The face with makeup

To the created image it is possible to attribute different emotions and make the portrait animated

Fig.5 The face with emotions.

Fig.6 Created a greeting card

You can add ornaments and various elements to the created portrait, turning it into a greeting card.

  • Android Version 6.0 (code-named ” Honeycomb “) for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
  • Adapted for tablets