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Ration 3.0

Usable App helps you to control your own weight and diet in accordance with your individual specifications, occupation and physical activities to provide the healthy life.

You can download this App here:

Ration is the best App for everybody who would like to keep fit.

Many of us overeats and hence destroys their own health.  The control of personal diet and weight becomes an actual task for everybody who begin think about own health. The App provides to user the possibility to control own weight and effectively decrease or increase weight without any harm to the health. User can calculate and control each consumed and gone calorie and provide effective mechanism of weight control.
Besides calorie content control, Ration helps to track proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and cholesterol  in consumed food and to form an optimal diet by taking into account user’s biological individualities and physical activities.

There are many similar Apps which differ one from another and Ration has many advantages in comparison with them.

►   Forming of recommended food list by depending on group of blood, temperament and others user’s individualities.

►   Tracking of the content proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in food by weight goals realization.

(Most of Apps calculate ordinary consumed calories only, but each dietitian knows that besides food energy, the composition has to be balanced.)

►   Using of the preliminary structuring and frequency filtering food database to simplify and accelerate the input of App data.

Many Apps offer selection food from huge databases (more than several millions entries) to account the consumption nutrient.
It’s impressed!
But, Is it convenient?
How many efforts and time have to be spent for the finding and selecting of needed food and are you ready for it? The question will become actual, if you understand that it’s impossible to determine
exactly the quantity of consumed food and to know the composition and food energy for the majority of products which are variable from party to party.

►   Using of the physical exercises selected list to help inputting day physical activity with minimal time losses.

Many Apps use extend these lists.
Is it impressed?
Is it useful?
It’s hardly because it’s impossible to estimate physical activity and spent calories in detail and there is only one accurate parameter, it is exercise time

Ration provides the following functionalities:

►   Fast and easy customization of the App in accordance with user’s individualities (age, weight, height, sex, temperament, group of blood, form activity and etc.).

►   By setting wishful weight goal, the time of achievement these goals and the checking of possibility them realization in accordance with last medicine recommendation.

►    Forming of recommended food list which depends on group of blood, temperament and others individual specifications.

►   Inbuilt nutrient database with entries grouped in different categories to simplify the calculating of consumed food.

Structured physical exercises list for calculating of the day physical activities.

►   Database expanding:

♦  inbuilt barcode scanner to add new food to the App database;

♦  personalized food selection (Favorite) to simplify and accelerate the consumed food positions.

►   The Calendar (Day by day) to calculate:

♦  consumed calories for different meals;

♦  consumed proteins, lipids and carbohydrates;

♦  consumed cholesterol;

♦  potable water;

♦  gone calories.

►   Calories calculator.

►   Powerful function for control and tracking of:

♦  weight;

♦  waist circumference (for women only);

♦  consumption and loss of calories;

♦  consumption of cholesterol;

♦  consumption of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates;

♦  consumed proteins, lipids and carbohydrates balance and comparison them with the etalon values.

►   Expanded reminding system.

►   Weigh changing forecast.

►   Inbuilt illustrative charts for convenient visualization of the reached results.

The App includes following fragments «Settings», «Calendar» («Day by Day»), «Ration», «Report», «About App», «Recipes» (only for premium version) and dynamic fragment «Calculator» which is appeared in process of consumed calories calculation.

The moving between fragments is doing by simple thumbing or clicking on the menu button.

A fragment can include several pages and the moving between them is provided by click on the blue arrow.


The work with Ration starts with customization the App under own individualization by inputting user’s personal data.

Fig. 1 Inputting of the personal data in Settings

The click on the arrow to pass on the next dialog window where wishful weight, waist circumference (for women only) and term of the goals achievement can be set. In accordance with these settings will be built chart of weight change and the recommended by a medicine function.

Fig.2 Setting of the weight goals

Next step will be the determination of form activity and regular sport activity including weekly availability (Episodic physical activities will be set in Calendar).  The click on the «floating» button saves all settings.

Fig. 3 Setting of user’s form and sport activities

After settings completing user has to move to «Calendar». This fragment will be first for all next App launches. «Calendar» used to input and view data for current or any other valid date. User can input consumed food considering of it caloric and/or spent  calories which depends on  diurnal physical activities both as sport exercises so another physical activity, for example homework.

Fig. 4 Main window of the Calendar

Click on the icon «Scales» to call dialog where user can set own weight and see charts of weight changing for measured and planned weights also. If blue arrow was clicked, dialog of waist circumference control will be call (for women only). Red vertical line corresponds to current date.

Fig. 5 Settings a user weight on the current date and charts of weight changing

Fig. 6 Settings waist circumference and charts of waist changing

Click on the button (Knife and fork) to visualize the recommended food list in accordance with App customization. The list of consumed foods including contents of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates can be viewed in «Calendar» if user has input some consumed food for current date. The last can be visualized both as table form, so temporary charts also.

Fig. 7 Visualization of the list recommended food for current date

Fig. 8 Visualization of the list consumed food including content of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in them for current date

Fig. 9 Chart of content proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in consumed food for current date

The click on button «Ration» calls a fragment where diurnal food consumption can be calculated for current date. The current date is visualized in the upper right corner and loss calories in left upper corner. Also there are two checkboxes in this fragment. If checkbox “recommendation” was checked, the list of recommended food will be visualized. Mark checkbox “restriction” to exclude non-recommended food from your diet.

In fragment «Ration» user has to select an eating to calculate consumed food energy. Next click on the arrow to call dialog where the food items can be selected.

As a first step, you have to select needed food group, and then select food item (recommended food items colored green, non-recommended accordingly red and neutral are black).

Fig. 10 Selection of a food intake

Fig. 11 Selection of a food group

Изначально выбирается группа продуктов, потом клик по стрелке переводит к развернутому списку продуктов, где зеленым подсвечены желательные продукты, красным нежелательные, черным нейтральные.

Fig.12 Selection of a food item

After food item selection user  has to determine a quantity of consumed food.

Fig. 13 Determination of a quantity of consumed food

There is the possibility to expand food database by using barcode scanner. New food items including calorific and its composition will be placed in Favorite.

Fig. 14 The list of food which was consumed during earlier selected  food intake

Fragment «Report» uses for visualization of the tracking loss and consumed calories, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates both as charts and tables also, for complete observation period.

Fig. 15 Temporal charts show:  a) calories losses, b) recommended quantity consumed calories, c) factual volume of consumption calories

Fig. 16 Pie charts for illustration of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates consumption in the percentage

There are possibilities to create dish recipes which will be used in the consumed food calculation in premium version.

Fig. 17 Fragment «Recipes» for dish recipes creation

► ОС Android.
► Адаптировано для работы на планшете.
► ОС Android, начиная с версии 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) и старше.