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ConceptioDeMente 3.0

ConceptioDeMente is intimate calendar helping to solve actual questions connecting with planning of childbearing.

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Are you dreaming about a son or would like to have a daughter after several sons? Is it possible to plan childbearing?

Yes, it is possible now.  ConceptioDeMente helps to all women to control her intimate life, biological cycles, conception process and childbearing. The App can calculate many parameters influencing on conception and childbearing processes. The calculations are done on the base individual characteristics as woman so her partner.

►   The Calendar illustrates and accompanies intimate life;

►   Fertility tracking and planning of future baby gender on the base  of following factors:

  • Blood Rh- factor;
  • Cyclic blood renewal periods;
  • Biorhythm cycles;
  • Outside impacts, such as serious diseases, surgical operations, hemorrhages ;
  • Menstrual cycle;
  • Period ovulation.

►   The result gives as:

  • Intimate life Calendar ;
  • Illustrative diagrams for each cyclic process separately as for him as for her;
  • Temporal probabilistic graphics for a boy and a girl conception in accordance with models considering all factors listed above;
  • Calendar planner with optimal dates and temporal periods for wishful baby gender conception;
  • Determination of optimal dates and temporary periods for wishful baby gender conception;
  • Notifications about events for any dates, for example start and finish menstrual cycle, ovulation, maximums and minimums biological cycles and etc. All can be inserted automatically in phone reminder.

►  Blood group and Rh-factor forecasts for future baby are additional possibilities.

The work with App starts with some settings. You have to enter your birthday and your partner’s birthday, Rh factor, and dates of last surgical operation or serious disease or hemorrhage, if they happened, the date of last menstruation, menstrual period and general duration. You have to determine where will be saved reminders and if is it the necessity of visualization info about partner in Calendar. These data always can be corrected in “Settings”.

Fig. 1 Tab”Settings”

Main App window is Calendar showing the main critical important events of intimate life: menstrual cycle, marking of conception opportunity with gender prediction, the values of your emotional, physical and intellectual balances. If you would like to mark any day as a menstruation day you have to drug-and-drop the image of blood drop placed above the Calendar; when you would like to cancel menstruation mark, click on the calendar day cell. You also can fill the Calendar data about your feeling, healthy and intimate life. The Calendar helps to control your menstrual cycle, ovulation periods and biorhythmic cycles, proposes gender baby prediction also. The data about menstrual and ovulation cycles can be directly corrected in the Calendar and these corrections will be considered in the all next calculations.

Fig. 2 Tab”Calendar”

The work with gender calculation provides in the tabs “Common diagram”, “Biorhythms” and “Ovulation periods”.

Next tab gives the long term (4 years) forecast and shows the graphics of temporal probability for as a boy so a girl conception. The probability is calculated on the base of 3 models considering the influence: blood renewal, biorhythms and ovulation periods, but there is the possibility to see each model separately. It can be done by clicking on check-boxes placed below the diagram. The probabilistic diagram is dynamic and you can change graphic scale by simple fingers moving. A current date is marked on diagram by the blue line. You can select interesting you date by click on diagram; the brown line corresponds to this date.

Fig. 3 Tab “General diagram” visualizes the graphics of temporal probability for as a boy so a girl conception

Tabs “Ovulation periods” and “Biorhythms” are oriented to short term of two months for the prediction. Tab “Ovulation periods” provides you data about fertile possibility taking into account your menstrual cycle.

Fig 4 Tab “Ovulation periods” shows the probability for as a boy so a girl conception taking into account menstrual cycle

Graphics of your biorhythm, biorhythm of your partner are given by tab “Biorhythms”.  The control by graphics may be done by help of radio-buttons. By activating this tab You can see the diagram of joint biorhythmic influence to baby gender conception also.

Fig.5 Tab “Biorhythms” shows graphic of her biorhythms

Tab “Fertility” proposes you general data about fertile possibility for the longest period for both partners.

Fig. 6 Tab “Fertility”  shows  the temporary changing of fertility possibility

Tab “Statistics” provides you common statistical info about couple fertility, forecast of blood group and Rh factor for future baby and averaged probability of boy and girl conception by all fertile time.

  • Android compatibility
  • Version 3.0 (code-named ” Honeycomb” ) for all devices phones/tablets and higher.