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MC Calendar

MC Calendar 3.4

Woman’s calendar MC Calendar helps a woman track and control own physiological status, biological cycles and childbearing.

You can download this App here: 

Woman’s calendar MC Calendar is a diary for tracking by a woman of own intimate life where her health state, menstrual periods, ovulatory dates and etc. can be written.  Menstrual and ovulatory calculator by using flexible automatic customizing in accordance with instability of cycles can predict the approach of critical dates to the woman more accurately.

The similar control of menstrual cycles and ovulatory dates gives to the woman comfort in everyday life and helps in childbearing planning. MC Calendar is considering many parameters affecting on conception procedure to calculate temporary periods when the conceive probability will be maximal. The App can calculate also the probability of a wishful baby gender conception even on the stage of planning.

►   Material design interface

►   Intimate diary to record and track the following:

  • premenstrual symptoms;
  • body temperature;
  • weight;
  • general health state;
  • unprotected sex

►   The menstrual and ovulatory calculator considering instability cycles.

►   The calculation of ovulatory dates on the base of general cycles and current symptoms.

►   Drag&drop and standard record methods of menstruation and unprotected sex into Calendar

►   Critical dates alert

►   Fertility tracking.

►   Determination of conceive probability and temporal periods when the probability of baby conception is maximal.

►  Health state forecast on the base of biorhythmic cycles analysis.

►   Pregnancy Calendar allows:

  • to place the data about health state, moods, temperature, weight and others parameters defining woman health during pregnancy;
  • to warn timely about abnormal process in this very important for women process.

►   The result visualization on illustrative charts.

►   Additional features (in premium version only).

  • Determination of baby gender on the conception date;
  • Back-up and data restore;
  • Data export in CSV format.

►   Pregnancy Calendar:

  • places and tracks data about health state, moods, temperature, weight and others parameters defining woman health during pregnancy;
  • warns timely about abnormal process in pregnancy.

This App includes the following Pages:  «Settings», «Calendar», «Symptoms», «Moods», «Notes», «Charts» and «About App».  The navigation between Pages can be done by using tab menu or popup menu at the left top (for smartphone only).

The work with App starts with some settings. You have to enter your birthday, the first date of last menstruation, menstrual duration and general cycle period.

Fig. 1 Tab «Settings»

Main App Page «Calendar» uses for demonstration and record of physiological events and states of selected day.

Today in «Calendar» highlights by the brown frame. Active day (data records and visualizes for this date) is marked by green and can be selected by the simple click.  The changing of current month and year can be done by the click on the single or double arrows placed at the top of the Page.

Data input

Menstrual days are marked in «Calendar» by red drops. Initially these days are calculated using settings data. Then menstrual days can be fixed by user to real dates. The manual correction of menstrual dates can be done by dragging of the red drop placed at the top of calendar to needed dates and determined the menstrual intensity.  It’s enough to click on the wishful date to refuse from menstrual event.

Fig. 2 Tab «Calendar»

There is an alternative method to record menstruation to any date or refuse from it. This date has to be done active and then user can set menstrual intensity on Page «Symptoms».

Fig. 3 Tab «Symptoms»

The ovulatory date is calculated also but it can be corrected manually on the base of the result of test on ovulation. The date correction realizes through Page «Symptoms».

The woman also can record data about own physiological state in database by using Pages «Symptoms», «Moods» and «Notes». These data needed to alert the woman about the approach of menstrual days (premenstrual syndrome) or dates of ovulation, or if there is pregnancy possibility or serious health problems.

Fig. 4 Tab «Symptoms» (detailed)

Woman can record data about own emotional state by using Page «Moods» which increases accuracy of physiological state determination.

Fig. 5 Tab «Moods»

Fig. 6 Tab «Moods» (detailed)

Body temperature and weight determine woman’s physiological state also. These data can be inputted through Page «Moods». One click on red arrow on Page «Notes» provides the inserting of automatic generated data which were received from analysis of woman states.  Any info can be recorded by using Page «Notes» also.

Fig. 7 Tab «Day»

Fig. 8 Tab «Charts»

The woman can use drag&drop (drag heart symbol to wishful date) if she would like to point that there is unprotected sex in this day. Access to the Pages «Symptoms», «Moods», «Notes» can be realized through buttons on Page «Calendar».

Data visualization in Calendar.

Page «Calendar» is needed to show data determining intimate life of any woman: days of menstruation (marked by red drop), days with unprotected sex (marked symbol of heart) and etc.. These data can be received by calculation or entered manually. If a date characterizes by minimum or maximum of biorhythmic cycles or the probability of ovulation for this day, this date will be colored in red. The date activation shows some icons connecting with this date. The click on one of these icons explains these data. More detailed information about this day can be looked on the Page «Notes» also.

Page «Charts» is used for illustrative charts.

Fig. 9 Tab «Temperature»

The selection of wishful chart provides by the click on the suitable card.

Charts of weight and body temperature have three colored areas: pale-red (days of menstruation), pale-blue (area of ovulatory dates) and pale-rose (days of premenstrual syndrome).

Fig. 10 Tab «Weight»

Fig. 11 Tab «Ovulation»

The chart «Ovulation» shows temporary changing of ovulatory probability. Charts «Biorhythmic» shows temporary functions of intellectual, physical and emotional biorhythms.

Fig. 12 Tab «Biorhythmic»

There is an additional Page «Forecast» in the App premium version where probabilities of a boy and a girl conception are calculated on the base of settings. Additional feature of premium version is automatic data backup to directory \\ MCCalendar and which can be used for data restore. We recommend synchronizing this directory with any cloud, for example Google drive.  It helps user restore data in new mobile device if your device was stolen or exchanged.  The user has to install new version of MC Calendar and copy reserved data file to directory \\ MCCalendar and then to click on icon «Restore» on the Page «About App» in MC Calendar.

MC Calendar adapted for tablet also. Large screen in tablets provides possibility of two pages visualization doing the work with the App more convenient.

  • Android compatibility
  • Version 5.0 for all devices phones/tablets and higher