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Pregnancy Assistant

Pregnancy Assistant 1.2

Pregnancy Assistant helps each woman to control and monitor herself pregnancy.

You can download this App here: 

Pregnancy Assistant informs the expectant mommy about the stages of development of her future child day after day. App tracks all stages of fetal formation from the first day till childbearing, compares them with standard ones and warns in case of abnormalities.  A woman will be warned in a timely manner if the symptoms accompanying her pregnancy are odds or deviate from the norm. App also reminds the expectant mother of her next visit to the physician.

►   Material design interface

►   Diary to record and track the following data defining woman health during pregnancy:

  • body temperature;
  • weight;
  • health state;
  • feelings
  • symptoms

►   Reminder tips to warn timely about abnormalities

►   The results visualization on illustrative charts.

This App includes the following Pages:  «Settings», «Calendar», « Feeling », «Symptoms», «Charts» and «About App».  The navigation between Pages can be done by using tab menu or just page flip.

App starts from the page “Settings”, where the initial data (pregnancy term, weight) and measurement units are entered. A woman can customize the App functionality on this page, for example, whether to plan to keep the Health Diary or not, as well as to choose the calendar in which the events accompanying the pregnancy and the reminders created by the App will be recorded.

Fig. 1 Tab «Settings»

The page “Calendar” page illustrates the pregnancy term in weeks and the current trimester. The current date on the calendar is highlighted by red frame. The calendar allows you to select any date for viewing or entering data (except future dates). The selected date in the calendar is highlighted by green.

Fig. 2 Tab «Calendar»

A woman can input current weight, temperature and health state on a selected day in the “Feeling ” page.

Fig. 3 Tab «Feeling»

Fig. 4 Tab «Feeling» (detailed)

The set of symptoms in addition to body temperature, weight and emotional well-being determines a woman’s physical condition and these data can be entered on the “Symptoms” page.

Fig. 5 Tab «Symptoms»

Fig. 6 Tab «Symptoms» (detailed)

It should be noted that if “Auto Symptomatic” mode is on, the set of typical symptoms will be filled automatically and a woman has only to adjust them corrected on her actual condition.

On the same page, by clicking the “Recommendations” button the current day recommendation will be visualized.

Fig. 7 Tab «Day»

The “Day” page is intended to display a stage of fetal formation and to visualize the entire data set describing the physical condition of the woman on that day. If the “Auto Symptomatic” mode was activated earlier, the woman can look a future date and find out how she is expected to feel, what will help her to plan her life better.

The page “Charts” is intended to display the charts of weight and temperature data.

Fig. 8 Tab «Charts-weight»

The App Pregnancy Assistant is available not only for smartphones, but for tablets also. Thanks to the larger screen size, you can use a two-page display; it makes your work more convenient and efficient.

Fig. 9 Calendar and determination symptoms

Android compatibility
Version 5.5 (code-named ” Lollipop” ) for all devices phones/tablets and higher