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QuiVentur 3.0

Try QuiVentur to know the gender of your future baby on the plan stage!

QuiVentur is based on an old time proved theory: renewal blood periods are different for males and females and more young blood at the conception moment determines the baby gender.

There are some anomalies which can be conditioned by a human complexity or outside impacts, for example, a surgical treatment, sizeable blood hemorrhage and etc. but in any case the statistics always is on QuiVentur side.

If you don’t entrust to QuiVentur, try it on yourself or your friends.

If the result of this experiment satisfies you, try to plan your own family. QuiVentur can help to know the future baby gender when you will plan it only.

How to check QuiVenturon yourself?

Just mark the radio-button “Birthday” and input personal data of own parents:  the birthdate, Rh factor of blood (if you know it) and own birthdate. Click the arrow button at the bottom of the screen.

Fig. 1 Setting initial parameters for calculation probability of a boy and a girl conception

The baby gender will be predicted and probability of a boy and a girl conception will be calculated by one click.  The interactive dialog can explain the error and provide corrections, if your gender was be differed from the calculated.

How to determine the gender of own future baby?

Do the similar actions and input own personal data and mark the radio-button “conception” and click the arrow button. The page with the probability a boy and a girl conceptions will appear.

Fig. 2 Result of gender prediction for the model of renewal blood

The prediction result by other method (Japan table) will be calculated by another click.

Fig. 3 Result of gender prediction in accordance with Japan table

The probability of errors for both methods increases for borderline date.  The fact that one of the parents was born as premature or postmature infant has strong influence upon these dates. In this case the customer will see button “Plus”.  A click to this button visualizes a prompt.

Fig. 4. Probability chart

  • Android Version 5.0 for all devices phones/tablets and higher.
  • Adapted for tablets