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Test. QUIS – genetic prognosis

Genetic prognosis of QUIS determines who’s your baby gonna look like.

What your future baby will look like? Whose appearance, character and intellect will be inherited?

The unique App, created under supervision of genetic experts, based on the parents’ and grandparents’ data (their s and genotypes) effectively determines temperament, intellect level, facial and body features of a future child.

QUIS’ genetic analysis takes into account the X&Y- linked inheritance, as well as the influence of dominant and recessive genes to make a probabilistic determination of the child’s phenotype, character traits and level of intelligence.


Genetic prognosis provides possibility to determine the inheritance:

► The appearance:

  • facial traits,
  • height,
  • eye color,
  • skin color,
  • hair color and type;

► Blood type;

► Intellect;

► Temperament and character traits.

The App identifies for child in advance potential behavioral problems and genetic predisposition to certain diseases also.