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Author: mobitico

Mobitico has issued mind game Gems

Mind game Gems provides the  opportunity to spend your leisure interesting, fun and rewarding. Mind game Gems gives everyone capability to compare their intelligence with the artificial. Try to beat Motya. The game is simple, start taking turns with Motya to take gems one by

Test. QUIS – genetic prognosis

Genetic prognosis of QUIS determines who's your baby gonna look like. What your future baby will look like? Whose appearance, character and intellect will be inherited? The unique App, created under supervision of genetic experts, based on the parents’ and grandparents’ data (their s and

Mobitico updates App Weight Tracker with BMI Calculator

Mobitico issues the update of App Weight Tracker with BMI calculator. A number of useful functions supplement the new version.  As a result, working with the application became more convenient. The user in the updated version of the App will be able to enter (or

The new App ImViv is issued

App to simple create of jolly portraits' gallery, funny animation cards and clips In this new App a user can quickly in a few clicks draw a funny portrait. The User just choose the shape and color of the eyes and lips, the shape of

QUIS application updated, version 2.17 is issued

The Mobitico App uses the laws of genetic inheritance and parental data to create the probabilistic portrait of the future child The updated version of QUIS differs from the previous version by enhanced functionality. The child phenotype that defines by QUIS has been enhanced now

Third version of Ration is issued

Mobitico has issued the third version of the App "Ration", which allows a user to monitor the daily calorie burn and consumption, as well as the nutritional balance, to control the own self weight and support the health life. The new version of Ration has

Mobitico has issued App QUOTEX

QUOTEX provides a lot of interesting data of world statistics and provides users the opportunity to compare it with their personal data and thus improve their self-esteem QUOTEX provides a wide range of statistics that can be of interest to everyone. App performs user testing

Mobitico has issued new App Pregnancy Assistant

New App Pregnancy Assistant. Pregnancy Calendar tracks all pregnancy stages and helps each future mommy Pregnancy Assistant. Pregnancy Calendar helps each pregnant mommy. The App tracks each step of fetal formation from first day of pregnancy till childbirth and informs future mommy how is developing