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Author: mobitico

Mobitico’s new App provides weight control and balances a diet

Mobitico issued convenient App for diet tracking in accordance with user individual specifications, occupation and physical activities to help weight control and to provide the healthy life. Ration solves following tasks: Forming of the recommended foods list in depending on group of blood,  temperament and

Mobitico announced about issuing application for password generation

Mobitico announced about issuing the first application for Android. It’s application for password generation. PassGen is small convenient app for solving actual task -how to create strong passwords and simultaneously have no problem how to memorize these keys. Traditional method supposes crypto keys after generation

Universal unit converter Immuto is issued

Mobitico issues the small and convenient App to help the understanding of many unusual units of measurement in your travels. Everybody has troubles when face unusual units of measurements for ex.: the meter or the foot, temperature in degrees of Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Sizes of

New App for women ConceptioDeMente is issued

Mobitico issued new App for women to control of intimate life and plan childbearing. ConceptioDeMente in contrast to other similar Apps, where data fills manually and only menstrual and ovulation cycles are calculated automatically, offers not only data feeding but wide possibility for prediction of

Free version App for password generation is issued

PassGen free version is similar to earlier issued and generates pseudo random passwords from easily memorable words and phrases. The free version is similar previous paid version, helps you to create and not to forget strong passwords. The functionality of free version repeats the functionality

Update free App Latebra

New function making work with App more convenient is added in update version. Latebra provides to users the possibility of secret communication achieving encryption all kinds of messages both SMS and Email also in common unified client.  Functionality Latebra demands the connection with Gmail or

Communicator for confidential communication is accessible now

Mobitico has issued and start free of charge distribution of Latebra Light through Google Play. Latebra can be used for confidential communication and it is provided for encryption and decryption all types of messages: E-mail, SMS and MMS. Latebra uses original self-designed symmetric encryption algorithm

Communicator for confidential communication

Mobitico announces about issue in nearest future application for Android –Latebra Light free of charge which will provide confidential exchange of any messages E-mail or SMS. Latebra provides encryption/decryption of any type messages using original algorithm. This encryption algorithm was designed by Mobitico and provides