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Mobitico’s new App provides weight control and balances a diet

Mobitico issued convenient App for diet tracking in accordance with user individual specifications, occupation and physical activities to help weight control and to provide the healthy life.

Ration solves following tasks:

  • Forming of the recommended foods list in depending on group of blood,  temperament and other  individualities;
  • Daily controlling of consumed:
    • calories;
    • potable water;
    • proteins, lipids and carbohydrates;
    • cholesterol;
  • Daily accounting of:
    • physical activities in depending on occupation and sport exercises;
    • calories loss;
  • Weight tracking;
  • Waist tracking (for women only);
  • Control of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates balance;
  • Tracking of goal achievement successfulness including weight and waist circumference.

Using of the preliminary structuring and frequency filtered food database to accelerate and simplify input data. New food items can be added to the database by using inbuilt barcode scanner.

Results of goals tracking are given both as tables and charts also. Ration includes expanded reminder system.

There is the possibility of calories calculation as the content of proteins, fat and carbohydrates in complete dishes and accounting them in day consumption.