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The second version of Immuto is issued

Mobitico issues the second version of the App to help to understand many unusual units of measurement.

Universal unit converter makes your daily life easier when you are traveling and facing with a problem of unknown units of measurement. New version of Immuto issued in Material design style in three localizations at once: English, Russian and French. The new version includes many new converters.

►   Provides the converting between many units of different measurement systems (Metric and  Imperial)

  • Length converter (miles, feet, inches etc. to meters …)
  • Area converter
  • Weight converter (pounds, ounces etc. to grams. )
  • Volume converter (gallons, pints etc. to liter….)
  • Pressure converter
  • Speed converter
  • Fuel rate converter

►   Temperature converter (converting of Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Kelvin degrees)

►   The converter between Arabian and Roman numerals helps you to read historical epigraph on monuments

►   The converter for other numeral scales (binary, hexadecimal notation)

►   Compares and converts USA, Europe, British and Russian sizes of clothes, lingerie, shoes, socks, hats and gloves

►  Useful converters for jewelry items