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Third version of Ration is issued

Mobitico has issued the third version of the App “Ration”, which allows a user to monitor the daily calorie burn and consumption, as well as the nutritional balance, to control the own self weight and support the health life.

The new version of Ration has significantly changed and expanded the analysis module, which helps the user to evaluate how the weight loss plan (weight gain) is executed. This module helps the user to understand why weight loss plans (weight gain) are not being carried out and to generate the useful tips for her (him). The user will be able to clearly see that, for example, the extra piece of the pizza that was eaten yesterday is the main reason why weight did not lose today. The logic of inputting the source data has been changed in this version also. The design of the “Day by Day” page has been changed and has become more convenient and clear.  The graphical presentation of data in the third version of the App has been improved; the charts have become more illustrative and understandable.