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A new version of Weight Tracker with BMI Calculator has been issued

Mobitico has released a new version of App “BMI Calculator”, which differs from the previous version not only by new functionality, but also by a new name “Weight Tracker with BMI Calculator”

The App “Weight Tracker with BMI Calculator” allows a user to keep the Weight Diary, where the results of daily weighing are stored, which is conveniently visualized in graphical and tabular forms.

The App determines a user optimal weight and the range of weights that can be considered normal for this user also.  The calculation takes into account the age, sex and type of body condition of the user.

After than the user can set target weight indications, and the App will calculate and propose several weight loss plans (weight gain) basing on medical recommendations. The advanced reminder system will not forget to remind the user about necessity daily weighing and gives tips what he (she) has to do for slimming (or weight gain).

Additionally, the App includes modules for the fast determination of body type (asthenic, normaesthetic, and hypertensive) and the calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI).

The calculated BMI value is compared with the standard values determined in dependence for the user’s physiological parameters to help the user to assess their weight impartially and therefore maintain the healthy lifestyle.